Bajaj Dashain Offer 2023 AAAMAMAA 25 Guna Offer

Bajaj Dashain Offer 2023 AAAMAMAA 25 Guna Offer

2023-09-17 Bajaj Dashain Offer 2023 AAAMAMAA 25 Guna Offer

Bajaj Dashain Offer 2023: “AAAMAMAA 25xGuna Offer”

Dashain is ever so near now, and all the major motorcycle brands are gearing up to showcase their best Dashain offers yet. One such motorcycle company is Bajaj, which has already announced its very own Dashain offer scheme, which goes by the name of “AAAMAMAA 25xGuna Offer.” 

Bajaj’s “AAAMAMAA 25xGuna Offer” is the biggest and best offer introduced by Bajaj so far! According to this offer, when you purchase a bike for its total price, you will then receive a scratch card where, if you happen to get Rs. 1000 after scratching the card, then the amount you scratched will be multiplied by 25 as the offer suggests, and then you will get a discount of Rs. 25,000 because of the 25 Guna offer. Under the offer, a 25-times guaranteed cash gift is available on every purchase of Bajaj bikes.

For further example, if you are looking forward to buying Bajaj’s Pulsar’s NS 200, which costs around Rs. 4,24,000, and you received a discount of 25,000 after the scratch card, then you will be able to take home the bike at the cost of Rs. 4,00,000. 

This festival is sure to be 25 times better with Bajaj in hand, let's buy a Bajaj bike on this auspicious occasion

The auspicious time of this offer is from the 24th of Bhadra to the 14th of Mangsir 2080, all across Nepal.

The Bajaj bikes can also be purchased with an EMI downpayment of 25%-90% at a 0% interest rate. According to Bajaj’s downpayment scheme, buyers can take home their desired Bajaj motorbike at a staggering rate of 25%, 45%, 50%, 60%, 80%, and 95% with a 0% interest rate.